Website branding

Website style guide
Brand style guides help you build a brand identity that your audience can recognize across all platforms. It provides all the instructions you need to communicate your message with the correct visuals whenever you create new marketing materials.


Typography conveys your company’s personality and builds trust and awareness with your target audience. Fonts have character, so we’ll help you carefully select fonts that align with your brand personality.

Often, brands will have a primary typeface for headers and a secondary one for smaller text. However, we also like to use the typefaces used within the logo as a part of the branding guide we create.


Color palettes are the easiest way to help your target audience identify you.


Our brand packages ensure consistency across all the web pages, through all elements, like buttons, so your website communicates a consistent message to the audience. Users who find the site through your site via social media accounts will feel comfortable because the branding is familiar, which boosts trust and increases conversions!

Our brand style guide can help you use the same branding across all your marketing to increase your revenue by as much as 23%.

Visual identity

Strong brand
With high-resolution logo files, Transparent PNG and Resizable vector SVG, a successful buisness requires a strong brand and the materials to communicate it!


Your logo is the central to your visual identity and helps customers quickly identify your brand, so within the guide we will include the logo’s corresponding colour formats. It will also outline how much clearing space should be used around it, so that your employees can keep your brand cohesive.


We will ensure your logo is used the way you intended by using rules. This prevents mistakes like stretching, altering, condensing, or re-aligning that could send the wrong message. That’s why we believe it’s important to show how you don’t want your logo to be used.

Brand style guides

Only £150
  • Branding summary page Inclusive of the business plan.

  • Branding overview page
  • Logo style page
  • Colours style page
  • Typography page
  • Elements style page

Create a quick logo


2 concepts
1 revision

  • High resolution logo files
  • Transparent PNG
  • Resizable vector SVG

Modernise a logo

2 concepts
3 revisions
  • Everything in Quick plus:
  • Tweak the existing colours
  • Upgrade the font type
  • Use the recognizable aspect
  • Dark & Light logos
  • Social media assets

Full logo design

3 concepts
Unlimited revisions
  • Everything in Modernise plus:

  • Full design research stage
  • Bespoke designs
  • Multiple colour variations
  • Cloud Download (RSForm)