We've moved to Romford

The Start-Up Capital of Britain, Romford, has become a hub for innovative and fast-growing businesses. The North East London town ranks highest in the country with a start-up rate of 22%.

Why did we move to Romford?

We've moved our office to Romford from Hainault to open more doors. We are keen to work with new businesses and help existing companies thrive online!

We moved to be closer to the action and benefit from all that the town has to offer. Romford is also the perfect place to meet face-to-face with potential clients and partners due to its transport links and a short walk from the station. We're excited to be starting chapter three of WebX's journey from the heart of Romford and can't wait to see what opportunities come knocking at our door.

What makes Romford the highest ranking?

The area's fast-growing companies and significant net increase make it more likely to be a successful place to start a business as new entrepreneurs formed 20% of the businesses in Romford last year. With its high percentage and reputation for business growth, it's no surprise that three out of every ten business owners in Romford are among the country's most innovative entrepreneurs!

What does Romford have to offer?

Romford has a lot to offer businesses. The town has excellent transport links to London and the rest of the country. Businesses in Romford benefit from being close to the capital but without the high costs associated with living and working there.

There are plenty of networking opportunities in Romford too, with regular meetups and events organised by local business groups. With its high start-up rate, Romford is the perfect place to help a business thrive.


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